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292 x30 y block x11 distributor x9
272 x9 312 x8 engine x7
rockers x7 F100 x6 1957 x6
T5 INSTALL x6 ford x6 Fordomatic x6
y-block x6 transmission x5 1956 x5
Thunderbird x5 carburetor x4 power steering x4
1954 x4 vacuum x3 292 y block x3
ignition x3 Wiring x3 1955 x3
la carrera panamericana x3 carb x3 chihuahua express x3
backfire x3 t-bird x3 adapter x3
hot rod x3 valve covers x3 motor x3
Bendix x2 electrical x2 oil pump x2
sold x2 head gasket x2 HEADERS x2
292 engine x2 trim x2 F-Bird x2
t bucket x2 1957 Ford x2 spark plugs x2
Skyliner x2 oil x2 Supercharger x2
spark x2 isky x2 292 rebuild x2
idle x2 transmision x2 vacuum leak x2
Waterpump x2 fuel pump x2 customline x2
tire pressure x2 video x2 tuning x2
1959 x2 Heads x2 Y-Block x2
victoria x2 Idle quality x2 valve adjustment x2
autolite 45 x2 crown vic x2 flathead x2
317 x2 Lincoln Y Block x2 linkage x2
mercury x2 mexican road race x2 tachometer x2
TBird x2 Flywheel x2 t98 x2
t-98 x2 speedometer x2 Test x2
tfindian@msn.com x2 F-Code x2 compression x2
Pulley alignment x2 regulator x2 pertronix x2
rear end x2 ECZ 9425-B manifold x2 Carb Replacement x2
carburator x2 Drag x2 parts x2
Ford-O-Matic x2 molding x2 E Code x2
Cam for a 292 x2 pcv x2 sale x2
1955 ford fairlane 272 4bbl carb carburetor smoke idle rough x1 1955 crown x1 1955 F350 x1
for pipe tap thread tap the hole.make sure of the ford sending unit for corect size. extend the wire x1 113 x1 1955 F600 x1
1403 x1 55 x1 56 x1
55-56 ford x1 50 amp 12v Generator x1 12127 x1
1954 mercury parts x1 1947 SIMCA with a Crosley engine using the 4 speed. This car was made in France x1 54 mercury 256 distributor x1
239 y block x1 239 x1 223 x1
55 Fairlane oil leak x1 272 oil pan removal x1 256 x1
`s end x1 "Holley 4000" x1 ----- x1
$850.00 x1 1955 Y flex-plate sources x1 ` x1
10 x1 0 x1 $169 plus shipping. When I got it x1
292 mains x1 292 Cylinder head / 272 cylinder heads x1 2X4 INTAKE x1
[/QUOTE] x1 2bbl x1 312 292 272 x1
292 performance f100 parts x1 450cfm x1 4 in 1 x1
351vs x1 Fairlane x1 292 oil pump pickup x1
312 heads x1 3x2 x1 312 V-8 x1
56 crown x1 '57 distributor gear wanted x1 53 ford meteor sedan delivery x1
3speed x1 4-speed x1 471 x1
57 ford 350 dully x1 56 Ford x1 56 to 57 changeover x1
56 rear axle x1 292 upgrade x1 59 wagon x1
58 Steering box x1 57 x1 2X4 x1
2 transmissions x1 cleahned out inside rocker shafts. I set valves 2 years x1 cost to rebuild 239 y block and fordomatic x1
casting x1 289 Hipo Carb x1 carbs x1
Carb backfiring x1 corn New Orleans Saints Rickey Jackson Jersey x1 clutch x1
comp cams x1 coil x1 breakin x1
creative x1 Country Squire x1 coolant leak x1
but used a gear driven cam x1 Aug x1 ard x1
AS IT BYPASES THE THERM x1 clutch equalizer bracket x1 Air cleaner x1
ATF x1 Anti seize x1 charger x1
CK Diff x1 choke x1 Carter Carb x1
Alberta canada supplies 40/to50 % of the crude to the refineries in cherry point us x1 AOD x1 Any suggestions on linkage would be appreciated. Vacuum for the distributor and brakes should be OK. My 302 looks small in the engine bay. x1
Chamber ecz g x1 1956 Mercury temperature sender gauge sending unit x1 1960 ford Pick-up x1
cam x1 cheap parts x1 Ca.) x1
Cam Groove Deepened x1 1957 monterey x1 1956 ford fairlane diff WI x1
1960 Transmission Fit x1 272 oil draft tube max rpm x1 56 gasser larry short x1
1956 merc door handles x1 1956 ford drive train (engine sold) radiator x1 1956 ford axle WI x1
272 Harmonic balancer bolt thread size x1 Brake line kink x1 bracket x1
but when I drive a 1966 x1 1956 ford fairlane rear end. x1 bullshit x1
BY PASS LINE /LETS WATER FLOW THREW THE RAD x1 Brakes x1 car repair margate fl x1
Can't turn x1 camper x1 1957 2dr 300 cutom x1
Brake problem x1 Bypass tube x1 can you show me the possible catch on the pictures? ! thank you very much x1
Cab Mounts x1 Disc Brake Conversion x1 dash x1
head bolts x1 camshaft x1 dome top ecz g x1
DOOR GAPS BABY BIRDS x1 Here is what mine looks like x1 headesr x1
Dana 45 x1 heades x1 Hardness x1
Hi Dan - x1 Davidwen x1 decal x1
Dana 45 44 x1 Dana 44 x1 dizzy x1
Gary x1 demon x1 first aid Authentic Brandin Cooks Jersey x1
Fix misspelled word. x1 Dampner Doctor x1 have idea issues x1
Damper Pulley x1 harmonic vibration damper x1 High mount water pump x1
head gaskets x1 Distributor gear x1 holley x1
DORIAN x1 Duel Quad x1 harmonic balancer ISO needed x1
drive shaft f600 1955 x1 head light buckets x1 edelbrock x1
EBAY Yblock x1 drive x1 Cylinder heads x1
harmonic balance x1 dampener x1 auto trans x1
Drive plate x1 Holley 0-80570 570CFM Street Avenger x1 E85 x1
730 piper road mansfield ohio x1 had to also change belts Carl x1 ecz-g x1
Dist Stuck x1 Eagle Field x1 Dana Spicer 45 rear end x1
Disc brakes are on a 1956 Ford. x1 Educational Company in India x1 Edsel x1
GRADE 8 IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO WHEN LIFTING ENGINES ETC x1 ecz-g head x1 dtill a hole x1
ECJ-9431-A x1 E-code x1 holley 400 teapot sputter hesitation x1
EDB x1 GRADE 2 BOLTS ARE JUNK x1 engine mounts x1
foreign electronics x1 georgia x1 flex plate x1
Falcon + 1959 = mutually exclusive x1 Glass x1 Good rebuilder x1
exh. porting x1 exhaust x1 exhaust manifold x1
FEH x1 electronic ignition x1 good stuff x1
emc. 2015 x1 everything fits well x1 Fairlane 500 x1
global Schools in India x1 312 Y Block x1 engine supports x1
312 rotating assembly B9A block .bored .050 x1 312YBLOCK x1 factory x1
Gauge trouble x1 gauge problems x1 Gasser x1
Engine Break-in x1 exhaust manifolds x1 external x1
F250 x1 gear x1 gas tank x1
fenton 3x2 intake x1 ft brake drums/spindles x1 fairlane front suspension upgrade x1
found float valve not holding at secondary.replaced and adjusted level..2 in a row with issues x1 Ford Y-block headers x1 finned cover x1
firing x1 Flexplate x1 Galaxie x1
great info x1 gas tank sending unit x1 Felpro x1
gaskets grade 8 bolts hardened flat washers(quality hardened flats x1 FM-202 x1 Ford f100 x1
Ford rear diff x1 equalizer x1 Fel-Pro x1
Gods' Speed x1 england nearly pulled out of 1990 world cup following hillsborough disaster x1 Ford Truck x1
fuel gauge sender x1 Forkin' ratio x1 fordomtic x1
Fordomatic ATF x1 Ford 9 inch x1 FM255 with a pair of 450 holleys and a bugcatcher airscoop with working butterfly's that would look great sticking out of your bird hood! x1
Fuel pump rebuild kit x1 Fore Sale 1956 Ford Fairlane Fiesta Red 4 door 3 Seed Three on Tree x1 Or PM me about what I've got. Pat x1
I am the guy from the Ford Barn that has been doing Holley 4000 teapot carbs along with all other domestic carbs for a long time. Sal Cicala (Ford Barn ID scicala). (586) 612-1650 sal_cicala @yahoo.com. Thanks x1 or a 1955 car x1 I am new at doing these pictures so please be patient !!!! more pictures will be coming x1
I found a fee places that had NOS water pumps. Ordered mine from a supposedly reputable place x1 https://www.amazon.com/OTC-7249-U-Joint-Anchor-Service/dp/B0002SRGXY?ref_=ast_sto_dp x1 http://www.mbmbrakeboosters.com/ x1
I am not getting around to building my 312 stroker x1 I don't trust this solid state ignition stuff x1 i x1
I can not used to this new posting here x1 merc o matic x1 lube x1
mechanical secondaries x1 motor mounts x1 http://squarebirds.org/Brakes/DiskBrakeConversion/BrakeLineSetupOnComboValve.jpg x1
LYB 368 x1 mallory tach distributor dizzy pertronix ignitor x1 Mill x1
lube points x1 M335 x1 mechanical tach x1
it would be nice to have a set of bearing spacers like was used in the 400 chevy when they used to install the 350 crank in the 400 block! Then the 292 crank would fit both small and large main size x1 Main Cap Bolts x1 intake manifold x1
Iowa summer/Florida winter x1 Increased Oil Pressure x1 I was amazed that SBC weber plenum were so close to the 368"s is size. The angle off the heads also spot on. x1
incorect oil flow for 2772/292/312. the chart is for a lincon y block x1 it fails on a road trip x1 intake manifold wanted x1
Isky Cam x1 http://forums.y-blocksforever.com/Skins/Classic/Images/richtextbox/icons/mnu_resize.gif x1 how was the ind 317dit and oil pump handeled as the eng.turned clockwise(lh)in your term x1
info x1 hood hinge nuts x1 I can see the cut of the man by the cut of his car x1
Home x1 I have been collecting as many NOS parts as I can x1 hot coil x1
http://forums.y-blocksforever.com/uploads/images/881d7eb6-9ed4-44b1-bb69-e44f.jpg x1 Hood hinge x1 However Victor Cruz Jersey x1
motor oil x1 Latham x1 More Rocker Arm Lubrication x1
tri power x1 krill Julian Edelman Jersey x1 transmission removal x1
Lincoln engine x1 transmission mounts x1 leather x1
rear main seal x1 l recently rebuilt my y block with Johns help and all his goodies and super quick delivery to Australia what a motor thanks John Mummert x1 tools to put it back in or it could be a long night. I learned the hard way. Warren x1
triple carb x1 transmission seal leaks x1 u x1
tri-power x1 turn signal problems x1 trans fit x1
Unser x1 Top x1 type F x1
To find the Ci of any 8 cylander engine the formula I like to use is Bore x bore x stroke x 6.2832 !! x1 monterey x1 towing x1
Jeffery Smith x1 Model kit built x1 Looking for 1955 F600 Parts 813-9925143 x1
mounting x1 just be hind the therm on the intake is a flat spot x1 miss x1
it was an A! Cardone reman with the Ford part number on the box with a sharpy. x1 karate school teaches allansford kids valuable lessons x1 Logo x1
Lets not forget the West Coast! May 8th!! x1 lifter resurface x1 just use the flat diaphram and make or reuse shaftt part as seperate item x1
lifter noise x1 it's a FM255 edelbrock x1 Karol's '56 was a stick overdrive car x1
it sounds like your talking about a Holley 4000 teapot 4 barrell. Autolite 4000's were tapped for a 5/16" thread. Also were all aluminum and not pot metal. Sal x1 My 57 F code. x1 It is Y-block powered x1
O x1 mummert x1 northeast show x1
NEW SOFTWARE x1 o.k x1 msd x1
Mummert intake. aluminium intake x1 MY OPINION x1 numbers x1
not the metric substitute)same with cap screws x1 OEM cam bearings materials on a 1957 thunderbird 312 engine x1 Quality job well done x1
over bore x1 push rod x1 OD Transmission R11 Wanted x1
quick fuel x1 number x1 pushrods x1
not an automatic. x1 oil leak x1 Not a data mining scam x1
Part 2: Distributor Identification help - New Pics x1 ON x1 oil pick-up tube x1
Or x1 original x1 oil pan x1
oil valley pan x1 or inward Authentic JJ Watt Jersey x1 passenger x1
Overdrive Transmission Repair Wanted x1 PARKING LIGHT SOLD 10 JUNE '19 x1 need a Y BLOCK REBUILD x1
new holley hase no external float adjust and no sight plug(progress the wrong way) x1 oil breather x1 Patents x1
need parts 272 292 x1 Other clean redone suspension parts from brakes to rear-- x1 overdrive x1
overhaul x1 posting x1 polarity x1
price reduced x1 Please let me know and also if you still have the stick shift set up for the 55 merc. and want to sell it. Thanks x1 Plaques x1
Post x1 Patterns x1 plugs x1
Port-Hole x1 posted x1 Perch angle x1
Plug wiring/routing x1 iI x1 plastic Oakland Raiders Michael Crabtree Jersey x1
I wasn't comparing GL-4/5 to GL-1 other than for the purpose of stating that most modern gear oils DO contain sulphur x1 includes DeAngelo Williams Womens Jersey x1 I sanded the plug ends down to get the cap to fit but when adding the plug wire bot I'm back to square one. Stock distributor Ford FDU 12127. I'll be on the hunt for the YL. If I can't get by this my project is done. I won''t go to a crank trigger x1
Plugged Rocker Shaft tubes x1 I just changed from a 71/2 " pulley to a 6 3/4 on my 56 .i have another 6 3/4" x1 IMO0 x1
I would not recommend using a heat source after you sprayed your area with any sort of lubricate as is can cause more damage. IE it will cause a crystallization around the area and be what we call a by metal situation just my two cents from experience x1 If x1 Ratio x1
ID x1 ranchero x1 power steering cylinder got it fixed x1
rear diff x1 Power brake x1 Rear axle x1
R11 x1 rat rod x1 power steering pump x1
ram horn x1 picture x1 Radials x1
People still having problems... x1 performance x1 pinion x1
Race x1 Performance 312 x1 Pictures Added x1
piston x1 raffle x1 tach x1
posted heads x1 The ID of the block hole is 149.30. The diameter of the distributor is 155.75. x1 T5 x1
Thank you KULTULZ. Yes x1 technical x1 thank you x1
tach drive x1 temperature gauge x1 T85 x1
Temperature readings of headers at full operating temp (185). x1 t get me wrong x1 The "suspicious intake" valve should look like the "good intake valve lap". Take it back to the machinist and get him to fix it.. x1
steering box x1 Ron I have the brackets you need x1 starter x1
TH200-4R AOD overdrive x1 Stem Tip x1 temperature yblock ford x1
steering x1 temperature guage x1 Reassembly going well. I had to order longer longer pushrods because we reground the camshaft to a more modern lift and duration. Pictured is my good friend and engine expert Jeff. x1
Tennessee Titans Dorial Green-Beckham Jersey[ x1 SAFETY x1 remote oil filter adapter spin on oil filter x1
RED's x1 Reposting corrected images. x1 rocker arms centered x1
rebuild x1 regulator generator x1 REX 4 tube headers x1
Sal x1 ROTOVANCE DUAL POINT x1 Rust Removal x1
temp gauge x1 TachDrive x1 t-birds x1
save 312 block x1 tappet noise x1 roller rockers x1
rotating assembly x1 rpm x1 speed x1
Block sure looks nice x1 stalling x1 Bert Jones x1
bellhousing x1 blower x1 autolite 46 x1
binding x1 Blockhead2 x1 both due to sloppy assembly. x1
Bad dealings with Jeff Smith Ohio x1 Best gasket x1 adjustment x1
Bendix Treadle Vac x1 90% need no adjust required x1 Water pump and pulley on. x1
64c x1 bias ply x1 6 volt x1
advance x1 9424D x1 Add info x1
supercharged x1 A ghastley pile of parts. x1 super x1
spell x1 SWAG x1 speedometer lube x1
supercharger heads x1 sticking x1 Super Y-Block Headers x1
spindles x1 SUN machine x1 Battery x1
Stuart down under x1 automatic x1 balancer x1
battery 6 volt 1955 Fairlane x1 stock or roller x1 ballast resistor x1
battery box x1 bell housing x1 stuck x1
wiring harness x1 holley 600 cfm x1 WHEN THERM OPENS IT INSURESNO CAVITATION AND MORE FLOW x1
this pressure plate is 1/2" taller which increases the angle and is why I was asking if there might be a different one. It seems to function ok so Ill leave it for now and deal with it if it's a problem. x1 with modified rocker spill tubes x1 this post will help. thanks cliff(meteor) x1
wiring for heat sender x1 wishing him all the best to continue enjoying life. x1 worked on my friends 60 merc with same carb. x1
throw out bearing x1 window x1 zbar x1
When I put the horn ring on the car there was some kind of protective sealer on the metal that has the 3 screws on it. I figure that is to space it corectly? x1 Y Block Newsletter x1 the word Giants Phil McConkey Jersey x1
yet they are labeled safe for yellow metals. The article simply validates the fact that ANY sulphur will eventually damage the synchros prematurely compared to normal wear when using GL-1. x1 Windows x1 YBlock x1
you can be in a heap of trouble. Carry points and a proven condenser x1 Your loss. x1 Y block in I.H.Truck x1
Tire pressure radials x1 you can say Michael Bennett Jersey x1 this is my 1960 f100 rat in the makin x1
tube x1 They we recromed by x1 tune-up x1
this is my blast from past. love the regency purplenow shoe white x1 truck intruments x1 This is how Ted modifies the plenum area. I ported this intake fully. Stock they flow ~180 cfm average. This one flows 265 cfm average. Joe-JDC x1
tripower x1 the rest comes from Alaska we have 1 ref x1 timing question x1
'there is no doubt' we can be world series contenders x1 Tick x1 this je set is a solid dome x1
tire x1 The stuff from China is not all up to par. I have all trim parts NOS. x1 timing set x1
This is why I like your car. My '57. Message to Florida Phil. x1 timing x1 The Y Block Shootout is held within the "Antique Drags" 5/8/2021 @ Barona Drag Strip (Barona x1
WELL DONE and VERY COOL Coupe!!! x1 Scmeller x1 Y-block Nationals x1
Single Plane intake manifold x1 shifter. x1 Seat belts x1
serpentine belt system x1 seal x1 sediment bowl x1
Schmelling x1 Shmeller x1 SOLS x1
skirts x1 sold sold x1 Retro posting g heads unposted x1
REX High Perfromance x1 Smeller x1 Sodium filled x1
Schmeller x1 Slow idle x1 so they can cut down to anything want. Set is $250 also have 312 crank .010 . 010 for $200 call 931-808-9954 x1
SOLD TO GOOD HOME IN GEORGIA. Thanks for looking x1 vic x1 social or whatever x1
valley covers x1 Valve x1 used x1
Y-Block Mechanic x1 upgrade x1 VIN x1
VALLEY PAN x1 valve cover x1 wanted to buy x1
W7LC1Aah x1 vacuum advance x1 VS57 x1
sent you a pm when you first posted but you must not have received it Carl x1 voltage x1 vintage x1
w/ C-4 and 9" x1 water pump x1 VR57 supercharger x1
Wanted x1

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