FOR SALE: ECZ-9425-b INTAKE Manifold, Plenum Divider removed and ported.
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By crazy56f100 - 7 Years Ago
I know it was a bad idea, but runs great at high rpmsBigGrin, ran as daily driver for two years on a built 292 with a isky cam, but i use the f100 for towing and not having the divider did affect the lower rpms, i dont plan to put it back on so figured someone my want it, i know what they go for untouched, but since it has been worked on i am not sure, so shoot a offer, i will get some pics posted soon.
By charliemccraney - 7 Years Ago
Who did the porting?
By crazy56f100 - 7 Years Ago
By Lancer - 7 Years Ago
Still available??
By PF Arcand - 7 Years Ago
If you still have it, fab a steel plate to fit back in it & weld it in, using a nickel or cast rod of some sort. Pre heat moderately & use short intermittent welds.. Cool it slow. You don't have much to lose, as is, it's mostly useless..
By Ted - 7 Years Ago

This intake still makes a good base for a supercharger manifold. Simply fab a plate that bolts to the carb flange and then bolt the blower to the plate.

By Lancer - 7 Years Ago
I'm building a race motor and this would fit perfectly the way it is. Please let me know if this is still for sale.