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By famdoc3 - Last Year
Finally got it running! Many good parts and custom machine work. Feast your eyes on this for my Model A Coupe.

By famdoc3 - Last Year
Maybe you can stand on your head to enjoy! Maybe Ted can fix. Sorry Mike
< I flipped the pictures 180° for you.  Ted >
By 62bigwindow - Last Year
By famdoc3 - Last Month
Slow progress being made, ran it up my street yesterday needs tuning and shake down, but I’m loving the look!
By MoonShadow - Last Month
Ted Eaton built this one for me a few years ago.
By Marc - Last Month
They both look great!
By famdoc3 - 2 Weeks Ago
So after one week of trying without success I have decided I must give up (for now) on my Grant Flame thrower distributor. I have a miss and backfire situation that seems to be related to it and I have not found other explanation for it. I have ordered a new distributor as all of the ones I have are pretty well toasted. Replacement of the distributor in my hot rod is hard as it is so close to the firewall that removal requires significant disassembly of the car. What idiot designed this?(me). I have considered some more period pieces but give how limited parts supplies are I will opt fo new. Please wish me luck! There is to much good stuff in this engine for it to not purr like a kitten and roar like a lion on command!
By Ted - 3 Weeks Ago
Do not rule out ‘induction’ firing due to spark plug wires running parallel with each other.  Cylinders 1 & 2 and cylinders 6 & 8 are problematic in this regard for the Ford Y.  I did run across an instance with a Grant Flamethrower distributor that had a cracked rotor which was causing some misfire issues so that’s still a possibility. A cracked cap or carbon tracking on either side of the distributor is something else to watch for.  Ignition point gap setting is also critical on the Grant distributors as each set of points is specific to each bank.  You can check that the ignition timing when checked with a timing light is the same for both cylinders 1 & 6 which will verify that the points are set the same.
By famdoc3 - 3 Weeks Ago
Thanks Ted for your advice. I happen to be partnered with a friend and have a distributor machine so the points were set and timed on it. Ignition timing was initially quite advanced but has been set to 12 before top dead center. The engine starts and idles well. Before I give up on the Flamethrower I will try separating the wires, hopefully it will work. I’ll check back after the trial. Mike
By miker - 2 Weeks Ago
More than once I’ve found a spark problem by backing the car out in the dark and having a look. No lights around, it’s amazing how bright a spark is when it jumps someplace other than the spark plug. Cheap and easy. Couple good raps even pixxxxx’s the neighbors off.
By famdoc3 - Last Week
Thought I would update. It took a couple of days to change out the Grant Flamethrower for the new distributor. I bought the whole kit- 60,000 volt coil, wires and distributor from CRP installed it today. Snap, crackle and pop are gone! Smoothly takes throttle and winds up tight. Then the rain started so only got to drive it in and out of the shop, but it now runs like a charm. Will be taking the flamethrower apart soon to see what I can learn but for now will take the win. MIKE
By MoonShadow - Last Week
Careful there are some snap rings in the bottom of the Flamethrower that are a little hard to get to but are set in an aluminum groove. The break easily (a friend told me Smile) I often find the rotors are damaged or have voltage tracks on them. They have to be clean and good to work properly. Sounds like you were having a crossfire problem. I had Ted Eaton try one on my blower motor and he said it dropped about 20hp compared to the MSD. They do look neat and somewhat magneto like but I don't know if they are worth it in the long run. I saw online once that someone put 2 VW Pertronics kits in and had some success but that is beyond me. Anyway good luck.