50s Ford Restoration CD now available for digital download

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By Daniel Jessup - 5 Months Ago
The 50s Ford Restoration CD, filled with digital files to help you in your engine build, restoration, or technical information, is now being made available via digital download for anyone that is interested...
The link to visit to process the payment is here: https://the-hot-rod-reverend-s-classic-car-emporium.dpdcart.com/cart/view?product_id=196241&amp%3Bmethod_id=213483#/
Once processed, you will be taken to a link whereby a rather large Zip file can be downloaded to your computer or other device. I have had to use a third party server/processing business called DPD to make this available and there is a monthly fee for me to provide these manuals in this format. Hopefully this will satisfy the needs of you that have been asking for this means of access. If there are any glitches, I do have a work-around to send you a download link manually.  

If you are unfamiliar with this bundle of manuals then visit this link:
By Daniel Jessup - 2 Months Ago
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