312 Y-Block For Sale

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By Philb - Last Year
I have for sale an engine I bought thinking I would build as a show engine and/or a replacement engine for my '57 T Bird. I decided this is to much engine for what I had in mind, so I am going to sell it all. Everything here I bought from a seller in a single lot and everything here goes together, not going to split it up. The seller got this all together thinking he would install it in his '56 T Bird he was drag racing, back in the day. Its been a long time for this guy, but everything I am going to post, is what he told me.
A 312 block, bored .060 over, cam bearings installed, cam has been fitted. All cleaned up, but showing light surface rust.
Intake manifold, ECZ-9425B
Timing Chain Cover, EBV 60596, looks new
Oil Pan, he said it was new, I don't know about that
Heads ECZ-G
312 Crankwith the dot, showing light rust
Crane Cam Kit, Part # 404002, Includes Cam, Pushrods, Lifters, Valve Springs, Retainers, Super Lube. New,Still in the box
New Pistons, TRW 8-L2016F, Rings, Ramco T 7677M.060, New Intake Valves, Main Bearings,Rod Bearings, Valve Retainers, Timing Gears and Chain, Perfect American 160005, Oil Pump, TRW 50016, new rocker arms (showing light rust)
Flywheel, Alum. Schiefer 630-0025, Pressure Plate, Schiefer 627/0006, Clutch Disc, Perfect American 101020
Also a 1956 Ford Station Wagon Differential ( I don't know), 3 speed Ford Thunderbird Transmission ( I question this), 292 Block, 3 large bins of Y block parts, plus one bin of  (do I dare say it) Large Block scruby parts.
2500.00 for all, Located; Laurens, New York 13796
email works best; balantic@oecblue.com

By NoShortcuts - Last Year
Philb.  Welcome to the web site.  For some Y-Block Forever members, our Forum email and IM (instant messaging) system does not work.  I am one of those members.  I am not able to send original (initial) communication to Forum members using the 'Y-Blocks Forever' communication system.  I have had sporadic success with replying (answering) email messages sent by Forum members to me using the Forum system.

Please consider revising your posting to include your Internet email address or telephone number that can be used to make arrangements to meet with you in person to see what you have for sale.  I understand that you are selling what you have as one complete lot of parts and have no interest in selling individual items.

I'm located just West of Syracuse, N.Y. and MapQuest shows me that you are 2 hours and 6 minutes / 92 miles South and East of me, not far from Norwich, Oneonta and Route 88
My email address is cncbrown2@gmail.com.  My home phone number is 315-487-6009.  The best time to call is evenings after 7 P.M.

Thanks for posting your availability of y-block parts.

Charlie Brown