Y Block Shootout in June at Dragway 42 in Ohio

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By Daniel Jessup - 7 Months Ago
Last week I was privileged to attend a preliminary meeting about the possibility of a Y Block Shootout taking place in West Salem, Ohio at Dragway 42. Tony Fritz (one of my neighbors and the race coordinator) met with me, our own Bob Martin, and Tony's man who does graphic design - Dave Reed, at a local restaurant to discuss the possibility of our Y Block racers joining the event. I know that Bob does not get on the forum here that much so I hope you racers don't mind me giving some updates on the information. Bob can be contacted at bob.flash.martin@gmail.com if you need further information. Once I have a PDF or another graphics file for the promotional flyer I will post that as well.

At any rate, here are the details thus far:

Date: June 18-20, 2021
Track: Dragway 42 in West Salem, Ohio www.dragway42.com (the calendar on their website does not have the updated promotional flyer as of yet, but the weekend for Fast Fords is slated)
Hotels: (Tony Fritz has blocked off a limited number of hotel rooms)
Best Western Plus Hotel and Conference Center ($89.99)
243 E. Liberty 
Wooster, Ohio 44691
(330) 264-7750
Quality Inn ($99.99)
741 US Hwy 250 East
Ashland, Ohio 44805
(419) 281-8090

Seated below from left to right, Daniel Jessup (aka the Hot Rod Reverend), Tony Fritz, Dave Reed, and our own Bob Martin!

By Lord Gaga - 7 Months Ago
By MoonShadow - 7 Months Ago
Thanks for the heads up. I am so ready to get out of the house for a weekend!
By charliemccraney - 6 Months Ago
I just booked at Best Western, Wooster.  The rooms in the block are taken but they still have rooms and are honoring the rate.

About a week ago, I checked online an the rate was less than the block rate but something came up and I didn't have time to finish booking.  Next time I checked it was up.. and up and up.
By Daniel Jessup - 6 Months Ago
I spent about an hour with Tony Fritz on Saturday evening - great guy and very personable. He took some time to show me two of his 427 powered cars. (his Maverick race car was at the shop getting some spring perches installed) I offered to print full color programs for the race that would include the schedule, a track map, etc, and of course a few words from the Hot Rod Reverend. Tongue
While the main promotional flyer is still being modified (I don't think the gate fee is on there yet), Tony did say that his graphics man has the windshield sticker about ready to go...

Tony said he would get me the digital files and artwork so that my guy can begin the formatting and all. If you have any print-ready graphics (hi-resolution and all of that) for the Y Block, you can send them my way to danaxjessup@yahoo.com or visit my site at www.hotrodreverend.com and contact me that way - no problem. I told Tony, and of course I will tell all of you, that there are two things I am praying about ahead of time: GOOD WEATHER and SAFETY. Wink

By Daniel Jessup - 6 Months Ago
Fellas, here is the final version of the flyer and race details. I will see if I can get a clearer image - I converted a PDF to a Jpeg. I can email you a better version if you contact me at danaxjessup@yahoo.com. Further details from a recent Facebook group post...

4-22-21 Announcements and Final Flyer. Please help make this event the premier ALL FORD Event.• Final Flyer is attached with payouts and details. • Hotels are booking up fast so make your reservations soon. FYI, there are other hotels in Ashland, OH (Holiday Inn Express, Hampton Inn etc.) in addition to the Best Western and Quality Inn.

• Dragway 42 is a big facility with over 750 possible pit spaces. I would recommend bringing a pit vehicle if possible as you may be a long way from the starting line. Golf carts will be available for rent on site. (see below)• Golf carts will be located by "The She Shed" on the pit side (SR 42 entry).4 and 6 passenger carts are available. Rates vary.4 passenger rates -- $75/day bringing cart back by 8pmWeekend rates are available. Call to make reservations. It is suggested to reserve as supplies are limited. Cool Cart DepotC & C Sales & Services, LLC44884 US 20Oberlin, OH 44074(440) 775-1300, option 4• Track radio station is 105.9. I suggest bring a radio to hear PA announcements etc.

• Track is open for a Thursday evening event and will try and open Friday at 1pm for early parking. Check track website for details. www.dragway42.com
• Finally, Please support and Thank our sponsors as well as Dragway 42 as this event would not be possible without their help and support.

By Lord Gaga - 6 Months Ago
"Dragway 42 is a big facility with over 750 possible pit spaces. I would recommend bringing a pit vehicle if possible as you may be a long way from the starting line."

Like what? A skateboard?!
Aren't we going to have a designated pit area like we did at Nat. Trail?
A radio? I don't want to be plugged in to a radio. I'm having second thoughts about attending this event.
By Daniel Jessup - 6 Months Ago
When I get with Bob Martin next week I will ask him about this - the designated pit area - but I would assume so. I seem to recall some talk about that between Tony and Bob last month.
By charliemccraney - 6 Months Ago
A bike, golf cart, skate board, if you like.

A radio is necessary, no matter what.  It can be hard to hear what's going on, otherwise.

If it is first come, first serve, our pit area probably won't be too bad because people typically arrive early.  If the space is designated by the track, then we'll have to see.  Since they know we are coming, I'm sure we'll have a good place.
By Buzz - 6 Months Ago
By 1/8cavman - 6 Months Ago
Where is the West Coast Shoot Out, May 8th, and is it 2021?
By Buzz - 6 Months Ago
By NY59F100 - 5 Months Ago
I would really like to come to the Shootout and run my 59 F100. Obviously, it’s just a street driven vehicle. I’m planning on driving it out since I’m about 175 miles away.

My question to all of the veteran racers is what safety equipment do I need and is there anything my truck would need to have in order for me to make a pass down the track? I don’t want to get there and find out I can’t do it for some reason.

Thanks. Soffian
By charliemccraney - 5 Months Ago
If stock, you need only seatbelts as far as safety.  You'l also need a coolant catch can and, I think double throttle return springs.
Is it stock and if not, do you have any idea how quick it is?
By NY59F100 - 5 Months Ago
Thanks Charlie,

I do have lap belts installed and double springs. I will have to get a catch can. The truck is lowered but still has a straight front axle and drum brakes all around. The motor is a slightly built 292 (about 296) but not stock—Isky E4 cam, Edelbrock 553, and a T5. I have no idea how fast it is, which is partly why I’d like to run it.

Would I need a helmet?
By Vic Correnti - 4 Months Ago
I'm wondering if anyone is interested in going to the Thursday Thunder at dragway 42 on June 17th that has 2 time trials then eliminations but no money just a trophy. Here is a link. https://www.dragway42.com/event/thursday-thunder/2021-06-17/
By MoonShadow - 4 Months Ago
Hey Sofian You're coming to the Y-block shootout? Great, its been a while. Sorry we missed you when you were over this way. I'll see you there! Chuck
By NY59F100 - 4 Months Ago
Hey Chuck!

Yes, I am planning on being at this year’s Shootout. I’ll be there Friday afternoon and Saturday for sure. I haven’t yet decided if I’ll stay until Sunday. I’ve made my reservation at the Best Western. It will be great to see you!
By Daniel Jessup - 4 Months Ago
For anyone participating or spectating in the Y Block Shootout you can consult the facility map below to find the Y Block powered pit area. Bob Martin did send out  some great information in the Y Block Magazine but this information below was not available when the issue was published. (Coordinating with all parties has been very difficult for me but very productive!) I even made a personal visit to Dragway 42 one week ago to get a tour of the track. Ron and Mary Anne Matcham, owners since late 2013, were very helpful. I know that Bob had planned to call Mary Anne this week because we were told that a section would be set aside for us and Bob wanted to run those details by Mary Anne. While Bob is always our go-to guy with this annual event, I have tried to make myself available where I can. I know nothing about drag racing but I enjoy Y blocks and fast Fords. Cool

Hopefully I can learn some things next weekend to prepare for 2022. BigGrin

By yalincoln - 4 Months Ago
hi guys! is it raining at 42?
By charliemccraney - 4 Months Ago
A little rain this morning but the afternoon was great.  The weather has been better than predicted earlier in the week.
By Daniel Jessup - 4 Months Ago
This was my first Y Block Shootout and I was fortunate enough with my schedule to be there for all 3 days at West Salem, Ohio. You guys are the best! While I was chewing on Ted's ear trying to "steal" some Y block power tips he broke out his camera and took a few photos. My buddy happened to be there and snapped this shot as well... Charlie McCraney is on the far left, but beyond Ted, myself (I'm in the red coveralls), and Royce Brechler (with the baseball cap) I need some help remembering all these faces. http://forums.y-blocksforever.com/uploads/images/4b19a71c-2a8e-4c1e-aee4-5cb.jpeg

I learned quite a bit about bracket racing, and drag racing in general, in a very short amount of time - a testament to these guys standing here (and others not pictured who were just across the access road). If I started naming names I would leave so many helpful people out! I cannot say thanks enough to all of you guys who were there, and even the ones who did not make it (our own Dennis Leeking had trouble and had to be hauled home we found out later). I am already looking forward to next year.

If ever you forum members can attend one of these events I highly recommend you do so. The veterans take in new guys like you and me who have no idea what we're doing and they take their time explaining the shootout and answering our questions. At this particular track the tech part of preparation to race was a breeze, and the track staff did a good job of managing the racing surface. As Bob Martin says, "Salute!" Tongue