1954 Ford Neutral Safety Switch

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By paul2748 - Last Year
Asking for a friend. He has a 54 wagon, 292 automatic with dual exhausts. Can't reconfigure the neutral safety switch as exhaust in the way. Any solution?

I know back in the day there was an aftermarket manifold made (for Merc's I think) that would work. Very rare.
By iowa fords - Last Year
Is the neutral safety switch on the steering column?
By paul2748 - Last Year
Yes - on the steering column
By paul2748 - Last Year
Yes - on the steering column
By DryLakesRacer - Last Year
Here you go!
There’s an extension on my shift arm for a trans change and the right upper is a heat deflector for the master cylinder.
Neutral start only....theft protection..
By patm - Last Year
These are part numbers from the ford parts books; these are listed for the 1954 ford using dual exhaust systems. The shifter arm combined with the switch tripper is AE 7302-A. The bracket which mounts the switch and stabilizes the shift tube is B9TT 7317-A. I purchased both of these from Green Sales Company in Ohio (they may have AE 7302-A). The picture posted by Dry Lakes Racer is identical to mine. I chose to use a 1958 switch (starts in park).

Pat in AZ
By paul2748 - Last Year
Thanks drylakes and patm - will give info to my friend