Stainless Steel Valves
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By 55blacktie - Last Month
I need recommendations for 1.94/1.60 stainless steel valves. Stock OAL is 5.09. SBC OAL is shorter. 351W OAL close, but they have a longer tip for rail-type rockers. 

By Cliff - Last Month
SBC .200 long
By PF Arcand - Last Month
Link from this site down to Mummert's Ford - Y- Block site. He has S.S. valve choices.
By 55blacktie - Last Month
John's price sheet says valves NLA(No Longer Available).
By DryLakesRacer - Last Month
If 1.94” .200 long are hard to find 2.02” are much easier and can be cut down very easily on a valve grinder.
By PF Arcand - Last Month
55 BlackTie: You might want to contact Mummert. The listings there are a bit confusing?  Says stock size S.Steel NLA, but next line lists several sizes including what you want, so ?? .. P.S-  Check, but I think that exact dimension (5.09" length) are no longer available. All current listings are 5.060" long.