5 speed conversion

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By Andy - Last Year
Got a 56 Fairlane, I’m planning on putting a T-5 in what’s the best adapter ? Does there have to be any modifications to the transmission tunnel and what transmission mount should be used? Thanks
By miker - Last Year
I can’t help with the clearance in a car, but it went into my 55 bird without a problem. What adaptor is best is a good question. I got mine from John Mummert over 15 years ago. I think he’s offering a different one now. Mine required an 1/8” or so off the input shaft.

There’s also a lot of T-5’s out there, with large combinations of length, ratios, and torque ratings. So picking the transmission is probably the starting point. Some will not adapt, some will not hold up, some may be ratios you don’t like.

Here’s the link to John’s adaptor, there are a number of notes as a starting point.

By Andy - Last Year
Good deal I called John a while ago and ordered one. Do you remember what transmission mount you used? Thanks
By miker - Last Year
Since mine is so old it might not be the same. My shifter is dead center, and the transmission mount was level there. But it was a Mustang mount for a T-5. I think we reversed it to get it to line up, or drilled a couple holes. John will probably know which mount to use.