Carb Problem?
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By oldcarmark - Last Year
My Buddies having problems with Carb. 390 Holley. Pro rebuild a Year ago. Fine all last Summer. Ran fine earlier this Spring. Now won't run well. Fine at Idle even reving it up Put it in Gear and runs very rough and no Power when driving. Getting lots of Fuel through Gas Line. Drained Tank and its clean. Pertronix 2 Ignition. My understanding is Pertronix either works or it quits. No halfway between. Any Suggestions where to look? 
By Ted - Last Year
Sounds like the carburetor simply needs a good cleaning.  In the short term you could try spraying some carb cleaner down both the primary and secondary side air bleeds and see if that helps.  Those air bleeds are located at the front of the primary venturies and behind the rear secondary venturies.  Performing a running flush on the carb could also help.  Here’s a link to a past thread regarding doing a ‘carb flush’.