Three Mile Island tee shirt
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By pintoplumber - 6 Months Ago
I had to break out my 40 year old tee shirt today. We were married for 2 months.
By 62bigwindow - 6 Months Ago
That's awesome. Congrats.
By miker - 6 Months Ago
Since I live on the other side of the state from Hanford, I’ve got to ask you what we ask the “down winders”

“You still glow in the dark?”

Made the girls easy to find.
By 30 coupe - 6 Months Ago
My Father, and his family all grew up within sight of 3 mile Island. he used to hunt on the island in the forty's for deer to help feed the family while my grandfather, his  father, was off fighting in WW2.  I was born in Lancaster