Wanted: 312 Y block motor

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By jeffmort - 6 Years Ago
Looking for a 312 short or long block. I prefer a motor that is running but it is not required to be running.
I am located in Southern California.
By YBLOCKEREDH - 6 Years Ago
In Sacramento I have a good standard bore block $500 garyf712@gmail.com
By mongo - 6 Years Ago
I have 1956 312 tbird long block with all the tbird stuff still on it . oil pan , water pump spacer , harmonic balancer , just sold intake . and tach drive dist.  Every time I move it , a little more anti freeze comes out . give me a call 931-808-9954 DAve 
By YBLOCKEREDH - 6 Years Ago
I also have 2 sets non posted G heads complete nice shape. 2 -292 cranks that are preemo/ 57 TBird B manifold/ 56 Tbird A manifold with carb/ 2 sets of good rods pistons for 312 standard bore and 2 set rods pistons 60over for 292 cleaned and( low miles on these). Have the 292-55 TBird block for the 60 over as well needs a sleeve, also a standard bore 292 block that has been bead blasted crack checked and boiled was going to cut down 312 crank to build for extra. I have the crank from my 57 bird standard journals  Gary 916-717-1520  In Sacramento, CA.
By 56F500 - 6 Years Ago
I have a 292 C2AE-6015-C for sale in Orange.  not running just bought the truck its a clean motor no oil or grime on it.  it has been sitting for awhile its a bit locked up.  Still inn the truck if this works

By PF Arcand - 6 Years Ago
jeff: Don't know how informed you are re buying a 312 block, site unseen?  Unfortunately, many 312 blocks at this late time may have stripped main bearing bolt holes or worse, cracks in the main bearing areas, particularly 1956 blocks. This is due in part to a mistake that was published in some or all (?) manuals, resulting in over torqueing of the main cap bolts & also over zealous rebuilders also over tightening them..  You may be safer to consider a 292 " block. In that regard, Mummert Machine in Southern Calif has developed a 312" conversion kit for 272-292 blocks.. This is just information, I don't have any axe to grind on this subject..