Aluminum Radiators for Tbirds
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By Doug T - 3 Years Ago
There seem to There seem to be several aluminum radiators available for 55 6 & 7 T birds of E Bay just now.  Anybody have any experience with them?  This is a typical ad.  At ~$150 you can not afford to rebuild your brass one (but don't throw it away it can be fixed)
By oldcarmark - 3 Years Ago
I bought One last Summer for my 56 Fairlane. Seems to be decent Quality. Fits well. Hose Hookups are correct size and Location. Cools really well. I bought mine from Champion. Shipped from USA. Some sellers are shipping from China so just check before You buy. ! know they are sold by several different Sellers on Ebay but I would not be surprised if they are all from same Manufacturer in good old China. Go for it.
By Rono - 3 Years Ago
I bought a Ron Davis aluminum radiator for my 56 Customline and a Champion radiator for our 56 Ranch Wagon. Both installed easily and are performing well. I don't have any experience with the particular radiator you posted for the T-Bird. From the photo it looks like the mounting flange is different from the passenger cars, but it's probably correct for your T-Bird.
By Vic Correnti - 3 Years Ago
Doug, I have the Champion in my 55 Bird for over 5 years, no issues at all, fit perfect, running a 13 lb cap.
By RB - 3 Years Ago
Doug, There is a Tbird aluminum radiator available that has the same shape tank and the forward tilt of the stock one.. I have one in my55.. I think they look a little nicer than the square tank versions
By Loon - 3 Years Ago

I installed a Ron Davis aluminum radiator in my '56 T-Bird just over 4 years ago and I have been pleased with it.

By Rono - 3 Years Ago
That's good to hear. I also have a Ron Davis radiator in my 56 Customline with a Cooling Components electric fan and both are working well with no issues.