12V conversion light bulbs

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By Rowen - 3 Years Ago
Anyone know of a list of 12V bulbs for. 55 Fairlane?
By oldcarmark - 3 Years Ago
Here's a list of 6 to 12 Volt Bulbs.

By Rowen - 3 Years Ago
Perfect!!! Thank you sir! That's what I needed!! Much appreciated!
By tjaybo52 - 2 Years Ago
I know this is an old post but can someone tell what book or article that pic of lightbulb list is in?
Thanks    Jim
By paul2748 - 2 Years Ago
You can copy it from the above.

Right click on the picture and save it on your computer.  If you have a photo editing program, you can crop it to get rid of the extraneous part and then enlarge it.  This is what I did

By Tedster - 2 Years Ago
It could be he's interested in what the name of the book is, that's how I read it.
By oldcarmark - 2 Years Ago
http://forums.y-blocksforever.com/uploads/images/1d380794-6d1e-4d4e-a697-adbe.jpgThat was my Bulb Conversion Chart I submitted. It is from a Booket called "The official 12 Volt Conversion Guide" By Randy Rundle who owns "Fifth Ave Garage" . The Booklet is available from Randy( $10.00) direct or on Ebay from Speedway Motors as well as several other Sources like Macs Antique Auto as well as others. Do a Google search.Its a useful reference Source.