1957 Ford - Bob Johnson race car

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By spud 57 - 3 Years Ago
Any one know any thing about this car? I Just got it and I kind of wonder what I got http://forums.y-blocksforever.com/uploads/images/79c92467-4097-4ae6-91d5-1ef6.jpg
By slumlord444 - 3 Years Ago

'57 Ford Custom 2 door sedan. 270 Horse dual quad 312 if the signage on the car is right. Would love to have it myself. Worth a few bucks if it  is a factroy E car.

By Ted - 3 Years Ago
I saw that ‘57 at the March 2016 Ralph Alix auction.  Did you get it there or since then?    Here are a couple of pictures of it at National Trails Dragway at the 2012 Ford Expo event.  Sam Alix is in the drivers’ seat.

By spud 57 - 3 Years Ago
I got the car about a month ago from a guy in Tulsa I believe he bought it at the auction. He said that it was last run at some Cobra meet to spread the owners ashes on the track I don't now if he meant Alex or Bob. It is a cool car hope to have some fun with it it's got some bugs to fix before I can run it though. I hope to bring it to The Melt down drags this weekend to get it looked at to see if it meets there standards if so I will try to have it ready for there fall meet at the Rock.       
By Vic Correnti - 3 Years Ago
As Ted said I also saw it at the 2013 shootout. Where do you live? I assume near Byron, I am 30 miles from there and will be there for the Meltdown. You have to be preregistered to race but the show is free with your admission. Hope to see you there.