Paper element conversion for 4V oil bath air cleaner
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By Ted - 4 Years Ago
Here’s the picture of a 1955 4V (Teapot) air cleaner that was modified for a pair of stacked paper elements.  This completed air cleaner ultimately went on a ’56 Ford Victoria which has a 303” Y engine using a Summit 750 cfm carb; the air cleaner fits like it belongs there.  This particular air cleaner was donated to the cause by Ralph Alix and had some rust holes in the bottom of the oil reservoir so it was no longer suitable for being used as an oil bath air cleaner.  To help the air flow to the paper elements, some additional holes were drilled into the bottom of the air cleaner. 

By Meandean - 4 Years Ago
So you used two paper elements stacked and it sealed snugly against the base and lid?  Did you need any other spacers?  What were the filters sized to fit or what size are they - should I want to do this for my car?  Thanks in Advance.
By Ted - 4 Years Ago
The paper elements used for this are WIX #42061.  The two air cleaner elements are simply stacked on top of each other and no spacers were required.  By using the ’55 air cleaner, this allowed the original look to the engine to be retained while upgrading to paper elements.
By miker - 3 Years Ago
That’s a perfect and simple solution, Ted. Thanks for the tip.
By Rono - 3 Years Ago
I wonder if you have the stacked height of the two paper elements and their diameter you could go to the K&N Website and search for a washable filter that has the same overall dimensions?

By Ted - 2 Years Ago
I didn’t have the foresight to record the air cleaner dimensions for future reference, I did at least keep up with the air filter number and with that piece of information was able to go over to the Wix website and find some detailed information on the 42061 filter element.  With that information available, the individual height measurement for that element is 2.35” thus making two of them stacked up together being in the neighborhood of 4¾“.
Here’s the other information on that filter element. 
By Talkwrench - 2 Years Ago
I had done similar. I found two air filters I had lying around that stacked on top of each other nicely. I dont have holes in the bottom but a a small gap in the 'lid' was created by the height of the elements.. Perfect!  
By ErnieL - Last Year
That’s an extremely elegant solution