November 2016 El Mirage
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By DryLakesRacer - 5 Years Ago
Not your typical y-block story but a good Ford story none the less. I was lucky enough to set a record this month at El Mirage in my GMC 6 powered roadster. When entered the record impound area already there was a 62 Ford pickup which had also set a record in the XO/PRODUCTION PICKUP Class using a Ford 6 for power. This class does not include the later 6's with 7 mains. It had the 4 port intake head. It belongs to an old friend Jerry Bates and driven by his daughter. I didn't catch the record speed but they passed tech and were given the record. I only have the one photo.
By MoonShadow - 5 Years Ago
Nice going and in good company it would seem.
By PF Arcand - 5 Years Ago
We'll assume that it was based on a 223"-6, since that's the # on the truck's door.  Nice to see someone still working with one.. Locally in the 1960s a couple of Oval track "B" modified stocks were quite successful here with those engines. I've always thought that engine never got the credit it deserved. Maybe because of it's somewhat small displacement, even for the time..
By DryLakesRacer - 5 Years Ago
The engine class (XO) is 0-325" and Jerry ran a 53 Ford car in the same engine class for many years. I'm assuming he felt the engine would be more competitive in the production pickup body class of the SCTA and it apparently is. For some reason this class XO/PP has not had much interest but with a record set I believe there will be more. Theresa set it at 105.223 mph.