new 292
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By nick young - 6 Years Ago
NEW PRICE and a great deal!! I have a fresh rebuild 292 Yblock that has $5500 into it and will not be using it  (SOLD)).. I still have a bell housing(200)clutch,flywheel, pressure plate and TO (150) and has a fresh built 3 speed w/OD and a Hurst shifter that works flawlessly (200) plus a standard 3 spd with floor shift linkage (125). I have an OEM radiator (200) and a complete Power steering unit with all the correct pullies, hoses, drag link,idler arm power ram and anything else needed for an install (1500), lower and upper control arms(100/side), front brake drums with spindles, bearings etc (125/side) and a fresh build 1956 rear end complete drum to drum(200). Thank you ,,Nick young 303-868-7929 Littleton colorado
By Ted - 6 Years Ago
Nick.  Welcome to the site.
Being labeled as a 'fresh rebuild' rather than 'new' would be a more accurate heading in this case.  Any additional details you can provide will help immensely in selling your engine/driveline combination.  Two barrel or four barrel?  What intake manifold?  Have the heads been modified for unleaded fuels?  What head castings are on the engine?  Do you know the amount of overbore?  What gear ratio in the rear?  What rear is it (9", Dana 44, early pumpkin style, etc.) and how wide?  Pictures available? Etc.
By nick young - 6 Years Ago
Ted, I am told by the builder that it has a Melling 3/4 cam, 30 over bore with flat top 9.5:1, t-bird heads redone for unleaded gas, 4 barrel manifold with edelbrock 600, melling HV oil pump, but I would have to tear it apart to verify all parts. The car was done by a writer for hot rod mag and would like to remain anonymous. I believe every word he says and I have known him for many years. we are both on the far side of middle age and have no reason to lie to each other (unless Ice Cream is involved) thank you for the reply and lets hope someone needs this jewel!!