EMC Engine raffle

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By MoonShadow - 4 Years Ago
I tried to post this as a poll but keep getting a system error message. Help?
YES  I would buy a ticket(s)
NO I would not
Ted is interested in building another EMC engine for this years competition but would need our help. He says the final compression would be too low for all out drag racing and too high for pump gas. That said, how many members would be interested in a raffle for $100 or so (to be determined) on a chance to win this EMC engine? I'd love to come up with sponsor money but that's a hard road. Lets get together and support our Y-Block crazy cause!
By MarkMontereyBay - 4 Years Ago
I'm good for a couple tickets.

By 5d6fairlane - 4 Years Ago
By speedpro56 - 4 Years Ago
No problem here!
By Larry D - 4 Years Ago
Like I said on Facebook, put me down for $100.00
By brokengate - 4 Years Ago
Never met a raffle I didn't enter, although my success rate is pathetic (hundreds of $s for a palm sander). The secret to a charitable raffle is selling lots of low cost tickets for donated prizes (my son played hockey). Part of the process is feeling good about where the money goes and part the prize, this is way more interesting than a Gretzky jersey, I'd take a $100 shot or maybe 3 $50 chances. Good Luck to all, I'm way overdue.  
By Rudder2fly - 4 Years Ago
Count me in! Ted Eaton is number 1 in my book when it involves our group and the infamous Y-Block Engines. Gene Stoehr Kuttawa, Ky.
By thundercat - 4 Years Ago
I'll take a couple please..
By Larry Short - 4 Years Ago
If you decide to have the raffle add my name to the list. I would watch how you do this, the government sometimes stick their nose in to this kind of thing !!
Larry Short
By pintoplumber - 4 Years Ago
I'm in. Or maybe we can just donate to Ted again.
By Y block Billy - 4 Years Ago
Its not a raffle Larry, its just donations to the cause!
Are you collecting the money Chuck, or we send it to Ted directly?
By MoonShadow - 4 Years Ago
Bill, this a proposal for a possible raffle. I haven't discussed it with Ted but expected him to chime in here. I have no idea how much he will need or even if he wants to go with the idea. Ted, if you are following this how about letting us know where you stand on the raffle, amount of funds you need and how sponsors would be handled. Any sponsor credit at the event etc. From the reaction I've seen here and on FB it looks like it can happen. Chuck
By NoShortcuts - 4 Years Ago

GREAT idea, Chuck.  This is written on-the fly…

I THINK that Larry Short is likely correct.   I strongly suspect that there are government regulations in many states, if not all states today, to prevent a bunch of us from just getting together to hold a raffle if it becomes public knowledge...  (This is hard to avoid doing with the Internet involved.)

I suspect that we need to parley some SERIOUS money to make this a doable undertaking for Ted between the cost of building the engine, entry fees, travel related expenses, and the expenses to field a support team for the competition.

Selling the engine after the competition may yield some money, but likely far from enough to cover ALL the expenses involved or incurred in this undertaking…

I know that Ted has appreciated member contributions to offset Forum encouraged dyno testing projects he's conducted, but this undertaking requires a broad based, concerted, organized, and well publicized fundraising effort to garner the grassroots funds necessary.

- I'm sure that many of us would be willing to purchase a raffle ticket for a minimal cash prize with the profits going toward the competition project undertaking...  (IF doable without a lot of falderal from state or federal government regulations)

 - Maybe some members would consider donating Y-block un-needed or extra Ford or aftermarket parts for auctioning off to raise funds for the project...  (Managing this undertaking could get ‘involved’,too!)

- Maybe some businesses that have their products or services used in the engine build (pistons, connecting rods, rockerarm shafts, pushrods, rockerarms, cylinder heads, camshafts, valve springs, water pumps, ignition distributors, and the like) would consider donating cash, components, or a price break on components or services to the cause for the publicity we might be able to provide them...

My wife JUST told me that I should look up a web site called, ‘Go fund me.com’  Her understanding of this is that it is an entity that manages the collection and record keeping of the funds collected for whatever goal and covers the legal whatevers that would be necessary for our advertising of such a fund raising  effort.

Still thinking… want to help
By MarkMontereyBay - 4 Years Ago
Go Fund Me is a good idea. I have participated in several GoFundMe accounts for unrelated causes. Most were very successful.
By Ted - 4 Years Ago
I’m afraid raffling off the engine is not an option on my end.  For a viable and competitive 2015 EMC engine entry and because of the late publication of the rules, I would be forced to use parts that have been set aside for other projects thus making raffling off the engine simply not possible besides the potential for not recouping the actual costs of the parts involved.  The 2010 engine was exorbitantly expensive due to the R&D that was performed.  Most of that R&D would not have to be duplicated this time so that would save at least $4000 or more if deciding to actually build an engine for this year’s competition.   During the last two EMC competitions in which I was involved, I did accept contributions towards the engine builds and trip expenses.  That was very much appreciated as the trip expenses for each year alone were over $2000.  At this time, I’m looking at the various parts I have available and my schedule to determine if I can make this happen in a timely manner while still being competitive.
I will post in the near future on what my own plans will be in regards to entering an engine or not in the 2015 Engine Masters Challenge.
By MoonShadow - 4 Years Ago
Understood Ted, When you get a chance work up some numbers of what you will need both to build and travel. The Gofundme site sounds interesting but I don't know how much they charge for the service. Maybe this will get Schuman going on the BIG Y-block. Chuck