Info Needed: '55 Ford Country Squire
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By richpete1031 - 7 Years Ago
Howdy there, folks! My name is Rich, and I'm new to this forum.  I was referred here by a person at  I've posted a similar post there looking for info.

I'll start by saying that I'm very far from an expert on classic cars. My father recently passed away at age 91, and I guess you can say that I've been in a bit of a nostalgic mood as of late. Growing up, we loved our '55 Ford Country Squire. We never considered it a classic then, but we got plenty of miles out of it traveling between Bedford, OH, and the Indianapolis-area (where we eventually moved in 1961). We used it for just about everything, including towing our old storage trailer. Dad got rid of it eventually--probably in the mid to late 60s when my brother and I were in high school. I don't know much about the vehicle, but I'd love to track it down, in the rare chance that it still exists. I'm retired now, and I wouldn't mind having it or maybe one just like it--seems like it'd be good weekend vehicle to toot around town in with the grandkids.

I've learned that it is very difficult to track down these vehicles, but I figured that turning to experts, hobbyists, an enthusiasts might help.
Here's what I know:

-The vehicle was white with the classic Woodie-trim (which I don't think was real wood).
-It had a V8 272-4v OHV 182hp AT engine (from what my brother wrote down)
-From the records, there were several different serial numbers, but it looks like the "main" one (novice here) is M5RY167500
-My father sold it to a man who lived in CA (which, if it stayed in CA, is the reason that I think it may still exist). We do not have the bill of sale unfortunately.

Where's what I'd like to know:
--If this vehicle was "hot rodded," would it maintain its original serial number?
--What's a typical price for a vehicle like this in reasonable condition?
--Long shot: Do any of you guys have this vehicle? I'm willing to pay top dollar!

Any advice or info is greatly appreciated. Glad to be a part of your forum!

By miker - 7 Years Ago
I sent a PM.
By PF Arcand - 7 Years Ago
About the only thing that's fairly certain about that car is that it had the "Power Pak" engine, which included higher compression heads, 4 Bbl (Holley Teapot ) carb & likely dual exhaust. Those Holleys tended to be troublesome when old, which wouldn't be in the cars favor later. Unfortunately, even though the car may have gone to California, statistically only about 10% of cars of that vintage exist today at best. Also, wagons tended to see heavier service than sedans.. In any case, good luck with your search   
By Ted - 7 Years Ago
While the ’55 Country Squire Wagon I had was a Texas car and was two tone blue, it was optioned with the 182HP special, automatic trans, factory air, power brakes, power steering, and power seats.  The woodie trim itself was fiberglass.  I saved the 182HP engine but the rest of the car went to a new home last year in your neck of the woods.  Here’s a picture. 
Good luck on your search.
By Bob's 55 - 7 Years Ago
PF Arcand (11/24/2014)
About the only thing that's fairly certain about that car is that it had the "Power Pak" engine, which included higher compression heads, 4 Bbl (Holley Teapot ) carb & likely dual exhaust.... 

FYI, ALL wagons with the Y-8 had dual exhaust.

By richpete1031 - 7 Years Ago

Thanks so much for all of your advice.  I'm not quite ready to resign myself to buying another car that was like the one my dad had, but I'm slowly being convinced to do so.

What's really interesting is the fact that James Dean owned one of these vehicles.  I've asked around a little, but no one seems to know what happened to his.   Seems like quite the collector car.  Any ideas?